The Ultimate Solution to Your Marketing Painpoint: Say Goodbye to Frustration and Hello to Success!

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When I was first starting out, I was awed by the marketing prowess of well-established companies like Nike. As a young marketer, it seemed unfathomable that these titans could possibly have any weaknesses!

After witnessing their success for decades, why should I expect anything less than supreme performance from the marketing experts at these enterprises?

It turns out those venerable companies were not infallible after all. In fact, they encountered some pitfalls along the way – just like any other start-up!

At this point in my career, I am intimately acquainted with the potholes that most startups encounter when setting out on their journey. These are what initially compelled me to become an entrepreneur – so let’s explore them together…

1. Take Control of Your Marketing Data

It might seem like a daunting task for marketers to obtain access to their data, but this is essential if you want to take control of your marketing plan. For example, let’s say that your sales team needs information about leads’ email addresses in order to send out an e-newsletter; meanwhile you don’t have access to this data yourself. In such a scenario there could be an error rate associated with sending out the newsletter which could subsequently compromise its success!

Fortunately, it is possible to create your own data by exporting it from systems across the Internet. Once you’ve gathered all those pesky details into one centralized place, you can then analyze and utilize them as necessary – saving both time and resources on data collection along the way.

2. Automate as Many Tasks as You Can with AI and AR

To stay ahead of the curve, it is crucial that you automate as many tasks within your marketing strategy as possible. This can include identifying new contacts and prospects, sending out emails and social media updates – among other things!

Utilizing AI technology like chatbot applications and text-based bots are amazingly convenient tools for automating repetitive tasks and alleviating some of your workload. You can leverage them to conduct research or interact with individuals, freeing up time for more important activities!

3. Dig Deep to Find Your Market’s Pain Points & Build Custom Content to Nail It

If you have identified a pain point for your market, it is crucial to understand more about that area. By digging deeper into this one particular problem, you can better anticipate and meet the needs of these individuals – which will ultimately yield success for your business!

For example, if your niche is fashion-forward individuals seeking extra style points in their wardrobes, then leveraging data from Shoptalk on trends among the sector could prove invaluable. This research has revealed some startling insights regarding the ubiquitous desire to assimilate current trends into vintage styles; an ideal approach for those who seek to both upcycle and upgrade their existing wardrobe whilst also creating something fresh and captivating.

The key takeaway here is that if you provide a solution that is expressly tailored towards someone’s current pain point – they are more likely to trust you!

4. Expand Your Reach by Leveraging Digital Platforms Like Facebook

Anyone can leverage Facebook’s reach, which is quite astounding. The platform boasts an engagement rate of 51%, meaning that consumers who utilize Facebook are more likely to make a purchase or engage with your brand. Conversely, only 16% of those surveyed disclose they have never used the social media website before -making it essential for any business owner!

If you’re not leveraging robust digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well as Google +1s, how on earth are you going to grow your reach? Seriously; don’t leave any potential opportunities on the table! Ensure that you’re harnessing every available avenue in order to expand your audience reach and maximize visibility for your marketing campaign.


If you’ve got a YouTube channel, or if you’re creating one for the first time – don’t despair! You can leverage this formidable platform to elevate your brand and achieve success.

The YouTube audience is an enticing group: they are always eager to consume content; they appreciate captivating videos that make them laugh or cry; and they crave useful information that can be utilized in practical applications.

Ensure that your video marketing efforts are scalable with our free Video Audit tool. This will allow you to identify areas of improvement and pinpoint the most effective placements for your videos based on your customers’ preferences; all without having to lift a finger!

and Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to curate collections of images, videos and other media content.

You can take advantage of this highly effective tool for your marketing efforts by creating pinboards composed of related materials. This includes a wide array of platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook; all these resources present opportunities for you to get in contact with current clients or potential customers!

Selecting just one avatar per board will be sufficient for some companies, while others may opt to include more than one. Keep in mind that whenever feasible we should select one primary picture per account: if we use multiple images it might lead to confusion about what the original image truly depicts!

5. Get Creative with Call-to-Action (CTA) Text and Images

Now let’s discuss the conventional marketing painpoint: the Call-to-Action (CTA) text and imagery.

In an industry such as e-commerce, consumers are inundated with numerous messages directed solely at them. From banners to pop-ups and even email CTAs, consumers can become very overwhelmed if they’re paying little attention to these.

To help alleviate this stress, one should consider including a fun or whimsical CTA thumbnail image alongside their more serious copy. This playful personality can help attract new eyes while simultaneously gaining trust with current ones!

1. The Bottom Line on the Ultimate Solution to Your Marketing Painpoint: Say Goodbye to Frustration and Hello to Success!

To sum up, our recommendation is that you get to work with a team of experts and launch your new website before continuing with ‘Websites’ or even ‘Social Media’ as part of your marketing plan.

Don’t forget to always consult your business – be it email, telephone or social media – when embarking on any sort of venture!


Don’t let your marketing painpoint be the bane of your existence! Utilize this app-based formula to relieve your frustrations and enjoy success.

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