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The proliferation of it-based marketing strategies is a veritable force to be reckoned with, as the cost-effectiveness of digital campaigns continues to escalate.

If you are still laboring under the impression that your enterprise must exclusively rely on traditional advertising methods like television commercials and print media placements in order to gain recognition from potential consumers, then you are mistaken.

Today’s consumers are more likely than ever before to make purchases online, which means that if you want people coming through your website and off then you will need an effective internet presence.

The key to success in digital marketing lies within creating a robust presence across all mediums including websites; social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter; e-mail marketing; and mobile apps designed for use on tablets (such as Apple’s iOS platform).

1. Create a Brand Experience

Rather than operating as distinct entities, brands and businesses should strive to create a cohesive brand experience that helps elevate clientele’ experiences beyond their interactions with those companies.

By integrating an overarching identity into all aspects of your business strategy, you’re able to provide a sense of familiarity while also signaling trustworthiness and reliability to consumers who may be unfamiliar with the products or services they engage with.

Utilize what we refer to as ‘brand archetypes’, evoking images of your company in terms of its core values or flagship offerings. Through this approach, you’ll be able to instill an affinity for your brand that leaves a lasting impression on all who interact with it!

Maximizing the power of branding is essential if you want to achieve success online. Utilize social media marketing and viral content creation as well as harnessing Google’s algorithms when creating content for your website and blog posts; all in order to maximize visibility for your business.

2. Always Be Searching For New Ways to Market Your Business

To remain competitive, businesses must continually be on the lookout for new strategies to market their services and products. This is where Internet marketing comes into play!

Always be looking for fresh methods of marketing your business; this means exploring new channels, searching out new platforms, testing new concepts and creating innovative content – all while keeping an eye out for ways to promote it online. Ultimately, if you haven’t tried anything yet then there’s no reason why it cannot be utilized as a profitable avenue.

Utilizing web 2.0 tools such as social media and blog sites are among the most effective approaches for marketing your business. These platforms provide ample opportunity for exposure and can also lead towards increased traffic; consequently boosting sales figures!

Social media marketing is an essential component of any savvy business’ Internet marketing plan – so make sure you’re utilizing these platforms effectively. Facebook in particular is a fruitful avenue for business promotion that allows one to easily reach their target audience’s attention while providing maximum visibility without having to invest too much time or money into it; just utilize its immense array of features to best advantage.

Blogging is another great way to enhance your online presence with minimal effort. By writing regularly about your business on a blog platform such as WordPress, instill trust with potential clients by demonstrating reliability and dependability through regular updates along with showcasing recent successes and achievements – making them aware of its value proposition whereas also providing value for both parties!

3. Produce an SEO-Focused Blog

In today’s internet-based business model, optimizing your website for search engines (SEO) is one of the most effective ways to boost traffic and brand recognition.

Yet, creating an SEO-focused blog has the potential to be an even more potent means by which you can increase visibility and drive steady streams of visitors toward your business!

An established blog will provide you with a high-level source of content that can be utilized for SEO purposes. This enables your site to gain ranking within search engine results pages (SERPs) as well as foster a sense of credibility with its users.

4. Run Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a treasure trove of opportunities for businesses. With companies from all over the world vying to attain visibility on this content platform, there is no shortage of lucrative marketing options available!

The various avenues of social media are open to enterprises like never before: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter comprise what we might consider traditional outlets; however, these channels have also been augmented by newer platforms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr – all of which have become integral parts of any savvy marketer’s repertoire.

With so many avenues to explore, it’s important that you create a well-rounded presence across each one. By creating unique content and interspersing it with pictures or videos in addition to text posts, it is possible to provide your audience with ample reasons to stick around and interact with you on social media – resulting in greater brand notoriety!

5. Use Messaging as a Tool to Engage Customers

Customer engagement is a vital aspect of any marketing strategy, but it should not be relegated solely to emails. In fact, many consumers tend to prefer correspondence such as phone calls and social media posts over emails – these are all viable avenues for customer communication and must be taken seriously!

Customer engagement initiatives can include anything from free webinars to live chats. If you want your customers to participate in the materials with which they interact with, consider creating an account on UTTitude or LiveChat where they can remain in touch with you through text messaging or even video chats (if available)!

With 2.3 billion people having access to mobile data traffic by 2020, businesses have a vested interest in making sure their messages get noticed and understood.

6. Mobile App Marketing is the Future of Business Growth

Consumers are increasingly turning to mobile apps in place of websites as their entry point for conducting business-related transactions.

With access to valuable information on the go, consumers can make purchases or conduct other transactions without leaving the app. Consumers’ increasing preference for mobile apps over webpages is reflected by revenue figures; whereas in 2017 a staggering 44% of total sales were conducted via app platforms!

There’s no denying that mobile app marketing strategies can provide you with an unprecedented return on investment (ROI). Not only can it help drive traffic to your app; but it also provides numerous opportunities for engagement with potential users and generating leads.

The best part? This strategy doesn’t require any initial investments. Just log onto Google Play, App Store or Blackberry World™ and select from dozens of pre-built app marketing campaigns that cater to your needs. You can easily configure them according to your preferences and start seeing results almost immediately!

7. Capture Relevant Data to Inform Marketing Strategies

If you can’t remember the last time that you revisited your website’s analytics, then it might be time for a refresh. Engage with this data to ascertain where your organization stands and identify key areas for improvement – without neglecting those that have reached their goals!

The most crucial action you can take is to examine the statistics pertaining to visitors’ journeys on your site. Uncovering which pages are being visited most often as well as observing what other pages are frequently visited can be quite illuminating; especially when paired with an examination of traffic sources.

Keep tabs on various marketing campaigns, crafting new ones alongside revising existing strategies based on insights gleaned from analytics data. That way, you’ll always be poised to adapt when opportunities arise!

8. Give Something Back to Your Community

The internet is undoubtedly a force for good. However, don’t let that deter you from giving back to your community either – this can be an excellent way to generate awareness about your business as well as demonstrate integrity and generosity.

For instance, one savvy marketing strategist used his website’s resources to create a flattering video of herself singing and dancing in support of breast cancer research. Don’t forget! Your online presence is a powerful tool that can be leveraged towards achieving more than just business goals; it can also directly affect those around us in profound ways!


Are you ready to take advantage of these proven strategies for IT marketing? If so, be sure to check out the accompanying resources that provide tips on how to effectively utilize them.

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