What Is the Average Marketing Analyst Salary in the US?

Which of the following statements about marketing is true

If you are interested in advancing your career, marketing is an essential field.

As a marketing analyst, you’ll be working with data, strategy and planning to develop effective strategies that enhance business growth. As a result of these efforts, profits will soar while customer loyalty and brand recognition increase significantly!

With the explosion in social media and the advent of cloud computing, marketing has become more sophisticated than ever. It must exploit all channels available to reach customers effectively – from email notifications to billboards – so as to effectively market products and services.

It’s no surprise that an abundance of highly skilled workers are entering the marketing sector; however, salaries can vary greatly depending on experience level. To help you identify your earning potential, below is an estimation of what an average Marketing Analyst salary might be in 2019.

What Is the Average Marketing Analyst Salary in the US?

When it comes to elucidating the average marketing analyst salary, most reportages put forth figures of around $100K – $150K.

There’s no denying that data can be a powerful tool for marketers; however, the substantial requirements for advanced degrees, specialized certifications and industry experience may prevent some from embarking upon their career in analytics.

For example, if you possess an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree but don’t have any induction into data analysis or possess any relevant work experience under your belt, then chances are that you will not find yourself in high demand among employers.

Average Marketing Analyst Salaries by City

To get a sense of what an individual’s potential earnings may be, it’s essential to look at the cities where they will be working. These figures can show us just how lucrative marketing analyst careers could be.

Salaries for marketing analysts vary widely from city to city; however, the average salary is around $77,000 per annum. Marketing specialists in New York earn an average annual income of $127,700 while those in San Francisco report annual salaries totaling $103,100 – making them quite high earners on the list!

San Jose, CA and Los Angeles, CA are also popular cities for marketing analysts, with San Francisco and Boston rounding out the top five.

Marketing Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Despite its intrinsic complexity, the marketing field is an exhilarating one! When you embark on your career path as a marketing analyst, don’t be surprised by all of the questions you may encounter.

Before your interview, consider why you’re interviewing with this specific establishment. For example, if they are seeking seasoned professionals or an introductory position for someone new to the field – these could likely be some of the common inquiries raised during your query session. During the conversation itself, take note of any peculiar queries that could help you discern whether it would be prudent to come across as knowledgeable and perhaps even artistic in order to best forge bonds with prospective employers!

If you’re conducting an online marketing interview, here are a few key questions that should be at the forefront of your discussions:

Are you seeking work in recruiting? Are you looking for an answer concerning how to craft the perfect cover letter? Or perhaps seeking guidance concerning proper email etiquette and what constitutes good digital communication? If so then these might be ideal examples for ascertaining where you stand in relation to others currently holding similar positions – and providing insight into how one might effectively manage such expectations.

What Is the Job Role of a Marketing analyst?

Marketing analysts are responsible for maximizing the effectiveness of a company’s marketing efforts. They may be tasked with overseeing various aspects of a business’ digital marketing strategy and developing content that aligns with their goals.

At its core, a marketing analyst role entails seeking out data and information relevant to your business in order to inform decisions on how best to maximize sales and brand awareness. This involves gathering market insights from trade groups like the NMA, Topline analyze competitors’ products, and even conducting surveys on customer perceptions – all in order to provide accurate assessments of potential opportunities and pitfalls along the way!

One thing should be paramount for businesses seeking an effective marketing analysis toolset: segmentation. While this concept can seem daunting at first glance, it is a necessary component for any company who seeks to grow their bottom line. Marketing analysts must have an intimate knowledge of each market they operate within in order both accurately determine which strategies yield success as well as pinpointing areas where they need assistance; ultimately providing them with all the information required when making decisions.

Ever Hired a Marketting Analyst?

From the moment you step foot into a prospective new business venture, your marketing analyst will assess its potential for success. They possess an uncanny ability to perceive which tactics are most effective in any given context; this is what sets them apart from other professionals! Are you currently searching for a talented marketer to join your team?

Ensure that you’re comfortably seated at the negotiation table when it comes time to discuss compensation. To start with, make sure that you don’t exceed the average starting salary listed below – after all, nobody would dream of querying their own salary requirements! Incidentally, if your initial offer falls short of this figure then consider upping it incrementally until finally arriving at a satisfactory arrangement.

Marketing Analyst Career Path and Skill Set

Marketing analysts play a pivotal role in the success of any given business. They are responsible for implementing strategies that maximize profits while also ensuring optimal customer satisfaction.

To succeed as a marketing analyst, it’s essential to possess an inquisitive mind and broad knowledge base. This means you must be cognizant of your industry’s many facets – including current events and market conditions – which can only be achieved by staying up-to-date on relevant topics. Moreover, undertaking additional research into these areas may prove beneficial as it provides insight into how data can be utilized effectively; ultimately leading to enhanced creativity within your projects!

Successful marketers need to have an abundance of qualities such as: communication skills, strategic thinking capabilities and creativity; all of which pave the way for greater opportunities. In order to cultivate these characteristics, one must have either experience or training within the field of marketing.

What Is the Marketing Analyst Salary Range?

Like the IT industry, marketing has seen a boom in recent years. With more firms having adopted the digital marketing methodology and investing in their brand’s visibility online, demand for talented experts is high!

If you’re wondering how much an entry-level worker should be earning, then most experts would peg a starting figure of $40K – $60K per annum as an appropriate starting point.


Are you seeking to be among the upper echelons of marketing? If so, then this article will equip you with all the necessary information regarding the average marketing analyst salary in the United States.

We hope that our insights have enlightened you about the average marketing analyst salary in the US. To learn more about how to craft a competitive advantage for your organization, contact us today!

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