Discover the Shocking Truth: Is Marketing Really as Easy as You Think?

What are five marketing strategies that retailers spend half of their annual budget on

Is marketing truly as effortless as it seems? While this may appear to be an obvious affirmation, there are many individuals who remain unconvinced.

After all, how could success possibly come without hard work? Isn’t that what separates the haves from the have-nots? But rest assured – no matter how astute your business might be; if you fail to utilize effective marketing strategies effectively then nothing will change.

I’m sure you’ve heard countless times that ‘Marketing is Everything!’ and while this sentiment is undoubtedly true, I would contend that it’s only true up to a point – after which point it becomes essential for one’s business model not just to succeed but thrive!

1. You create the best content possible

Content creation is one of the most effective ways to attract new leads. In addition, it allows you to engage with your audience and foster a lasting relationship before they contact you for assistance.

To put it simply – if you want to increase your brand’s visibility, create engaging content that’s suited towards them. This will provide valuable insights into what they appreciate, while also providing opportunities for cross-promotion between businesses in which one could partner up with.

Crafting captivating blog posts, videos or podcasts are all fantastic investment of time. Investing in creating high-quality material can yield great returns when attention is directed towards your brand or product!

2. But you still need more people to notice it

Across the entire marketing spectrum, there is an abundance of data available for potential buyers. The challenge lies in identifying which type of content will be most effective when it comes time to take action.

Despite having access to all that info, people still succumb to the old adage – if no one knows about your product or service, then you can’t be successful. Therein lies the reason why many brands invest considerable resources into promotional activities: it’s simply necessary!

With a plethora of data at hand, savvy marketers are utilizing insights to craft targeted campaigns that are yielding results and garnering accolades that can be seen by anyone who takes notice.

3. The most engaging content isn’t enough

Content is integral to any successful marketing campaign, yet it’s not likely that you’ll find success if your content strategy remains unchanged. To stay relevant and captivating, you must constantly be offering fresh ideas!

The amount of time it takes to create an introduction or blog post can be substantial. If you don’t plan ahead, forgetful individuals could potentially miss out on valuable information.

By utilizing a tool that enables users to schedule posts while they’re away from their desks, enterprises can more easily remain visible when they’re not around.

4. You’ve got a ton of channels at your disposal

Some marketing channels are so ubiquitous that you could probably name them all–and yet, most firms overlook some of the most essential options.

Web-based advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook are among the foremost media used by businesses today. These two giants wield considerable power in what consumers see online – making it essential to leverage their channels effectively.

The plethora of social media outlets available can be overwhelming, but savvy marketers have learned how to leverage these platforms effectively in order to generate leads and reach potential customers.

Email marketing is another effective channel for promoting your business; after all, more than 90% of consumers check email before buying a product or service. Utilize email marketing to increase brand awareness and deliver value-packed messages that keep customers coming back for more.

Mobile apps, like smart phones and tablets, offer an opportunity for increased engagement with consumers. Marketing campaigns on these devices require a bit more finesse than those conducted via typical web pages or emails, but gaining traction by offering useful apps for users’ needs – both practical and entertaining – can prove quite advantageous when attracting new leads.

5. But you’re not using all of them correctly

If you find yourself lamenting that you are not utilizing the marketing channels available to your business, rest assured: there’s no need to panic!

Despite their apparent efficacy, these strategies should be utilized in concert with one another in order to maximize their potential.

If you’re using multiple media channels at once – such as social media, email marketing and website design – then your efforts may result in confusion for your audiences. In addition, there is a limit to the number of channels one can utilize; if you utilize more than three or four at once when creating an advertising campaign or posting content on social media, it could lead to potentially detrimental repercussions!

For instance, many businesses fall into the trap of utilizing all of their available options simultaneously – perhaps sending out emails, promoting products on social media pages and placing ads on search results pages. This strategy could prove ineffective because users’ attention is likely focused elsewhere than on one single message or channel.

6. And people still don’t trust you

Despite the rampant growth in marketing endeavors, it would appear that people still don’t trust their efforts. In fact, a staggering 60% of respondents admitted that they only trust content from sources they deem credible – like Facebook!

This revelation is disheartening yet unsurprising. After all, how can anyone feel confident about anything if the people around them can’t be trusted? How can we expect anyone to trust us with their data or information when they are incessantly bombarded with untrustworthy messaging and seemingly unending advertising campaigns?

Undoubtedly, we must all strive towards building an image of trustworthiness within our own organizations. With this in mind, let’s explore several effective steps you can take to accomplish this goal.

7. Everyone else is doing it too (think influencer marketing)

Influencer marketing is the newest craze in social media advertising, and for good reason. By recruiting an elite group of individuals who already have a loyal following, you can create a sense of credibility with that audience – which makes them more likely to trust and accept your message.

Influencer marketing has become such a prevalent practice because it enables businesses to reach new audiences – and generate increased sales – through connections with people already well-versed in a niche area.

8. So your competition is already beating you to it

It’s not surprising that a plethora of factors are at play when we decide where to dine out or purchase a product. Motivational factors such as taste and affordability can influence our decision making process, but what if you discover that these decisions simply aren’t within your control?

Proximity, location and even the type of establishment we frequent all play important roles in determining whether marketing efforts are effective. For instance, if I go to the same restaurant for years on end – it becomes easier to persuade them into providing me with exceptional services and products!


The reality is that marketing can be an arduous and time-consuming process, requiring dedication and creativity from start to finish. It’s not an easy task!

Marketing can be a daunting task for any business owner. The plethora of options and tools available can be overwhelming – leaving you feeling uncertain about which course of action to take next.

Our app, created specifically for small businesses, provides a streamlined approach to marketing your enterprise through social media, lead generation, promotional materials and more.

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