9 Tips For Writing A Great Essay That Will Get You Exactly What You Want

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Writing an essay can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these simple tips and you will be on your way to writing a great essay that will get you exactly what you want.

1: Choose Your Topic Wisely

Choosing the right topic for an essay is the first step in writing a successful paper. When selecting a topic, it is important to consider the scope of the paper and that the topic should be something that can be discussed in depth. An essay should focus on a single subject, so it is important to pick a topic that is both interesting and manageable. Additionally, researching a variety of sources related to the chosen topic can give insight and help inform the writer’s opinion on the subject. With careful consideration and research, choosing the right topic for an essay can ensure a successful paper.

2: Research Your Topic

Before you begin writing your essay, it is important to conduct thorough research on the topic. Make sure to look into a range of sources, such as scholarly journals, books, magazines, and reliable websites. This will help you develop a more comprehensive understanding of the subject, which can be used to inform your essay. It is also important to review any notes you have taken during your research and try to identify the key points that you want to make in your essay. Taking the time to research your topic thoroughly will ensure that your essay is well-informed and well-crafted.

3: Organize Your Ideas Before You Start Writing

Organizing your ideas before you start writing is an essential step in creating a well-structured essay. This involves brainstorming and outlining your thoughts, as well as researching and gathering any additional information you may need. Planning your essay in advance allows you to identify connections between ideas and create a logical flow throughout your work. Additionally, it can help you identify any gaps in your research or areas where you may need to expand. Taking the time to organize your ideas before beginning to write will help ensure that you create an essay that not only logically flows, but also effectively communicates your points.

4: Write In Third Person Point Of View

When writing an essay, it is important to remember to use the third person point of view. This means that you should avoid using words such as “I” and “you”, and instead put emphasis on the subject of the essay. Using third person point of view allows for an objective writing style, enabling readers to be more engaged in the content. To ensure that your essay is written in the third person point of view, it is best to read through it and make sure that you are referring to people and things by their names or pronouns such as “he” or “she”. Adhering to this style of writing will ensure that your essay is professional and clear.

5: Use A Thesis Statement For Clarity And Purpose

A thesis statement is an important tool for any essay as it gives the essay focus and direction. It is also the point at which the author sets up their argument. To create a thesis statement, consider what the essay is trying to accomplish, and then break it down into a single sentence. This sentence should be both clear and concise, and should set out the main point of the essay. A good thesis statement should also be specific enough to provide a framework for the entire essay. When used correctly, a thesis statement can ensure that an essay flows coherently and logically from one point to the next.

6: Proofread And Edit Your Essay Until It is Perfect

Proofreading and editing your essay is an essential step in the writing process. By taking the time to review your work, you can ensure that your essay is free of typos, grammar errors, and other mistakes. Furthermore, editing your essay allows you to make sure that the argument you are making is clearly articulated and that all of the evidence presented is relevant and accurate. Taking the time to perfect your essay ensures that you will produce a piece of writing that will exceed expectations.

7: Showcase Your Expertise With Images and Videos

When writing an essay, imagery is a powerful tool to communicate your ideas. Using images and videos in your essay can help you showcase your expertise and enhance the overall quality of your work. Images and videos can help you provide a visual representation of a concept, bring life to statistics and data, and even add humor if appropriate. When choosing images and videos for your essay, make sure they are high quality and relevant to the topic. With the right imagery, you can transform your essay from just another piece of writing into a truly memorable experience.

8: Endorse Yourself With Highlighting of Key Points and Quotes from the Essay

When writing an essay, it is important to highlight key points and quotes that will be used throughout the essay. This allows readers to easily identify the most important aspects of the essay and build an understanding of the argument being made. Furthermore, including quotes from the essay can help to strengthen the credibility of the argument and provide readers with additional evidence to support it. By utilizing these techniques, writers can effectively endorse their argument within their essay.

9: Thank the Instructor for Inviting You to Write This Essay

Writing an essay can be a daunting task, but it can also be an excellent opportunity to learn and develop writing skills. Before beginning to write the essay, it is important to thank the instructor for providing such a unique opportunity. This simple gesture not only shows appreciation for the instructor’s efforts, but also helps to create a positive and productive writing atmosphere. By thanking the instructor before beginning to write the essay, students demonstrate respect and understanding of their instructor’s hard work and dedication. Thanking the instructor is a vital step in the process of writing an essay, as it serves as a reminder of who is providing this valuable learning experience.


Writing an essay can be challenging, but with these tips you will be on your way to writing a great essay that will help you achieve your goals.

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