7 Things You Need to Know About LinkedIn and Social Media

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Are you acquainted with LinkedIn? If not, then it’s best that you don’t make the mistake of neglecting this site.

LinkedIn is more than just a business-oriented social network; it can also serve as an effective marketing tool for professionals in their field. Indeed, 87% of respondents from a recent study declared that they utilized LinkedIn to connect with potential clients; additionally, 81% said that it was important for them to have access to this resource when seeking new hires for their team.

Despite the powerful nature of LinkedIn, many individuals are unaware of its capabilities. Therefore, we’ve compiled a brief overview of seven key features that are commonly overlooked by those who use the platform regularly.

1. What Does Linked In Have to Offer?

LinkedIn was created as a professional social network and may be utilized for business purposes such as networking or seeking employment. Despite its origins, it has evolved into an indispensable resource for both job seekers and employers alike; providing valuable insight into past experience along with invaluable information regarding resumes.

The degree of connection between your profile and posts can vary, however LinkedIn provides a customizable appearance that makes it simple to create profiles that fit how you want them to look. You may choose from several templates which are conveniently accessible right on the dashboard.

2. It’s Not Just a Job Search Tool

If your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, yet you find yourself in need of a new job, don’t despair; by utilizing this site, you can still find opportunities that may be just what you’re seeking.

The average user spends approximately six hours on LinkedIn per week – it provides a plethora of educational content for both current and aspiring professionals alike!

Are you searching for work? Don’t miss out on the countless opportunities currently available. Simply add those companies to your preferred networks for regular updates about open positions posted by employers themselves.

3. It’s a Great Social Media Network

LinkedIn can function as a social media platform, particularly if you leverage its features. With these in mind, this site has become a valuable addition to your repertoire of channels – giving you the option to utilize it alongside Facebook and Twitter!

Indeed, LinkedIn boasts over 400 million users worldwide – making it one of the largest networks on earth. Not only is it quite expansive but also highly interactive; so much so that it’s easy to reach out and chat with even those who live far away. You don’t often run into barriers when interacting via this website! In fact, those seeking employment are likely to be among the most active members here – leaving plenty of opportunities for collaboration between fellow professionals.

4. Connecting With People on Linked In is Easy

LinkedIn is a sophisticated platform, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it also boasts an assortment of intelligent functions to simplify the process of connecting with individuals.

Even if you don’t have a large social media presence, there is no need to fret! You can still use LinkedIn’s Direct Message system to connect with folks who may not yet know your business or brand.

LinkedIn’s Direct Message privilege allows users to converse in complete secrecy – this is ideal for those who would like to communicate with potential customers without imposing upon their privacy.

5. You Can Learn Off of LinkedIn

You can harness the power of LinkedIn in a way that allows you to cultivate your personal brand. In fact, this platform is a veritable goldmine; allowing you to access valuable knowledge from other professionals as well as discover new contacts with whom you might like to share ideas!

Using LinkedIn for marketing purposes is an effective option for businesses since it allows them to reach out to potential customers directly through their network – making it easier than ever before!

6. You Can Create Your Own Profile and Make it SEO-Friendly

LinkedIn is a superb source for discovering new contacts and expanding one’s network. Creating your own profile on LinkedIn is straightforward, yet it comes with several opportunities for customization; from appending a video introduction video to adding relevant keywords within the description field (as well as tagging those individuals alongside their profiles).

Additionally, in order to boost SEO-friendly content, it is prudent to utilize keyword phrases where possible. Utilize them liberally throughout your profile so that users can more readily find you when searching online.

7. There is a Cost to Using LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is a free platform, its usefulness does not come without a cost. For one thing, you cannot use it as a standalone social media channel; instead, it should be used alongside other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Just like any other website, utilization of LinkedIn requires investment. In a nutshell though – there are no hidden costs associated with utilizing the platform! However, if you do require assistance from an expert to optimize your profile for optimum visibility in search results or utilize advanced functions such as email marketing campaigns; then expect to shell out some cash for their services or take advantage of discounts available from various vendors offering access to premium levels of service.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, linking LinkedIn with other social media platforms can be an effective strategy for businesses seeking to expand their reach and engage with prospective customers. By making those connections between your marketing efforts and other content on the platform, you can create an even more impactful brand presence online.

However – if you haven’t yet invested in LinkedIn, now is the time to begin incorporating it into your marketing plan! Utilize these brilliant tips and strategies to make it a part of your existing social media campaign – and watch as your business’ web presence expands!


Once you have created your LinkedIn profile and have been approved, there are a number of strategies that can be utilized to boost its visibility. Utilize the ‘Recently Viewed’ feature as well as ‘All-Time’ views in an effort to increase its prominence on the social network; additionally ensure that your profile is optimized according to one’s industry so as not to be overtaken by others’ accomplishments.

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