7 Essential Marketing Functions You Should Include In Your Business Plan

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A business plan is a document that outlines the goals and objectives of your company. It can be a useful tool for investors, advisors and others who are interested in your business. However, it is important to include all of the essential marketing functions in your plan.

1: Marketing Plan

Creating a comprehensive marketing plan is essential for any business or organization to achieve success. This plan should contain details on the organization’s target audience, a range of marketing functions and activities, and a timeline for implementation. It is important to have measurable objectives in order to track progress and determine the return on investment. Additionally, the marketing plan should be regularly evaluated and updated so that it can be adjusted as needed in response to changes in the marketplace. With the right marketing plan in place, any business or organization can maximize its potential for growth and success.

2: Product Development Plan

Creating a successful product development plan is a key part of any effective marketing strategy. It allows companies to assess market trends, identify customer needs, and develop products that will meet those needs. This plan should include research into the target market, proposal development, product design and testing. By taking the time to create a comprehensive product development plan, companies can ensure that their products are both functional and appealing to their target customers.

3: R&D Plan

Developing a research and development (R&D) plan is an essential component of any successful marketing strategy. A well-crafted R&D plan should include goals for the product or service, a timeline for when milestones should be met, and a detailed budget outlining the resources needed to reach those milestones. With the help of an R&D plan, companies can identify opportunities for growth and plan out how to capitalize on them in order to increase their return on investment. As a key part of any marketing function, it is important to develop an effective R&D plan in order to ensure continued success.

4: Sales Plan

Creating a successful sales plan is essential for any business, as it outlines the strategies and tactics necessary to meet customer needs and reach sales goals. A sales plan should include a detailed analysis of the target market, customer needs and preferences, competitive landscape, product positioning, pricing strategy, and promotional activities. Furthermore, it should also include specific goals and objectives, action plans, and performance metrics to ensure that the plan is successful in achieving its desired goals. An effective sales plan should be regularly monitored and adjusted as needed to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.

5: Distribution Plan

An effective distribution plan is an essential component of a successful marketing strategy. A distribution plan dictates how a company plans to get their product or service to their target market. It involves decisions about where the product will be sold, such as physical stores, online retailers, and digital marketplaces. Additionally, the plan should include details about how the product will be shipped and stored, as well as any customer support services that need to be implemented. A comprehensive distribution plan is key to ensure the success of a product in the market.

6: Customer Service Plan

A key component of any successful marketing strategy is a customer service plan. By establishing a customer service plan, businesses can ensure that customers have a positive experience with their product or service. This plan should include things like responding to customer inquiries, providing customer support and resolving customer complaints in a timely and professional manner. Investing in customer service is essential for businesses to retain customers and increase their brand loyalty.

7: Financial Plan

The financial plan is an essential component of a company’s marketing functions. It outlines the budget, expected costs, and potential revenues associated with a business’s marketing activities. A financial plan can help to provide insight into the projected profits and losses of a company’s marketing efforts, helping to inform decisions regarding how to allocate resources and manage investments. It is important that businesses create a detailed and accurate financial plan in order to ensure that their marketing efforts are successful.


These are just some of the essential functions you should include in your business plan. There are many other functions you could add depending on your needs and preferences.

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