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4 Content Marketing Formats That Are Winning With Marketers

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Content marketing demands a variety of formats to be effective, and the number of options can be dizzying.

Despite this apparent complexity, there is no need for marketers to feel overwhelmed by their choices; in fact, there are only a few that truly stand out as effective.

With two-thirds of marketers reporting that videos are their most effective content marketing tool, we can safely assume that it’s not just me who is impressed by this dynamic!

But don’t let the seemingly effortless ease fool you: creating videos is no walk in the park. In fact, research shows that it takes an average of 50 hours per video to complete production quality – which is why we see so many high-quality offerings coming from our favorite personalities and brands alike!

Although I’m always eager to invest more time into my YouTube channel and experiment with new formats, I still find myself gravitating towards bite-sized pieces of content best suited for consumption across multiple devices.


If you’re not familiar with these introductory types of content, they serve as a primer to the rest of your marketing plan and can be employed by businesses in several ways.

Intro posts are perfect for businesses that want to provide an overview of their offerings or expertise, while also providing users with a sense of familiarity should they choose to embark upon one of those ventures. On the flipside, this type of content can also prove useful for reminding visitors about an event or offering campaign which requires them once again.

1. Video

Video is undoubtedly the most prevalent content marketing format among marketers. Video has proven to be an incredibly effective way to communicate complex concepts and information, especially when it comes to generating leads.

On average, video generates 2x more engagement than other forms of content and 5x higher click-through rates, making it a wise investment for savvy enterprises.

This content marketing format can be utilized in various ways: YouTube videos are the most popular content platform for ecommerce businesses; live video broadcasts on Facebook have garnered sizable fan followings; short Instagram Stories videos provide a convenient avenue for sharing updates – both in real time and beyond!

2. Infographics

If you’re seeking to tap into the hearts and minds of non-specialists, infographics could be the answer. This format is a viable choice for marketers looking to bolster their content marketing efforts that are geared towards non-experts and casual users interested in getting up to speed with information.

Infographics can be used across numerous platforms including websites, social media posts, email campaigns, etc. They’re easily digestible and can help shed light on complex topics like data analysis or industry trends in an easy yet effective manner.

While infographics have become more popular than ever before, there still remain questions about the effectiveness of such a strategy. For starters, it’s highly advisable for individuals who are unfamiliar with the topic at hand to consult an infographic expert if they require assistance crafting one suitable for their needs.

3. Slideshows

Are you acquainted with Slideshow Builder? This tool can help marketers create professional-looking sliders that offer a fast, simple way to present your content within your websites, social media profiles and other digital realms. In addition to being captivating for audiences, these sophisticated presentations also provide an ideal opportunity for businesses to showcase their wares!

In order to generate interest in a slideshow, select the Featured Video option on your blog while creating new content. From there, select ‘Slideshows’ as one of the available options and then choose from among various appealing templates before making a selection between various features such as music choice; transitions; captions; captions length; along with more!

4. Podcasts

Are you a seasoned marketer that’s looking for another avenue for your business’ promotion? Podcasts are an effective tool for promoting your brand and maintaining relevance in the eyes of decision-makers.

With its straightforward approach, podcasting is a compelling platform for disseminating information while remaining authentic to one’s brand. Since marketing efforts in this format often involve producing content ‘real-time’, a consistent yet trustworthy persona needs to be cultivated in order to earn trust from followers.

All of these have one thing in common: They’re all memorable and shareable.

Are you excited yet?

You’ve got a mouthful of content marketing formats to choose from, so how do you know which one is suitable for your industry? At the outset, it might seem like there are an infinite number of options. But with some careful consideration and observation into their pros and cons, you’ll be able to narrow down what works best for your brand!

The fact that these choices revolve around topic matter and length of content are merely minor distinctions. That being said, each format has distinct characteristics that can make them more or less effective depending on certain circumstances. Ultimately, the choice that’s right for your business will boil down to what content is most captivating for its audience!

How to Choose Your Content Formats

To make the most of your content marketing efforts, it’s essential to choose a variety of formats for creating and sharing your materials.

When devising an array of content marketing strategies, you must evaluate the most effective ones by assessing their suitability for each target audience. Keep in mind that not all formats are suitable for all audiences – so when choosing which one is best suited towards your particular demographic target group, always keep this consideration in mind!

For marketers with a keen interest in evaluating the options available, there are myriad online platforms from which they can select from. These include:

Social media networks allow you access to a collection of captivating content formats ideal for maximizing engagement rates. For example, Instagram Stories has proven successful for businesses seeking to improve both user experience and lead generation; whereas third-party email applications like GetResponse offer an opportunity for sending messages that could be highly beneficial for reaching new customers! If we consider video marketing, it’s apparent that YouTube is the foremost resource for those seeking a wide selection of videos optimized for search engines’ algorithms – thus allowing users an easy avenue toward discovering your brand while offering them opportunities such as subscribing. Alternatively – if savouring images is more up your alley – then Flickr offers an array connoisseurs of beautiful photographs!

Choose the Right Platform for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing platforms are an effective way to leverage your content plan. If a specific channel is not working for you, consider diversifying and exploring other options.

The choice of which platform will suit your business best depends on what kind of audience you’re reaching out to and the nature of your target market’s preferences. Here are some examples:

• such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, where consumers enjoy consuming content in bite-size chunks;

• while others focus on just publishing content on their websites or app stores – technologies that allow businesses to reach customers directly;

• and yet still others utilize email marketing campaigns, RSS feeds and social media posts to disseminate information.


Are you intrigued by the plethora of content marketing formats available? We were!

Indeed, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for crafting your strategy. The key is to identify the formats that best suit you and tailor them to maximize results.

In many cases, this can be accomplished with little additional effort; however, some formats may prove more time consuming than others – depending on your level of proficiency.

Ultimately, it’s up to you which combination of formats yields the most fruitful results for your business. If you’d like to explore additional options, consider perusing this guide or taking a peek at our app!

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